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ISIPTA '03 will be held at the University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland). The symposium sessions will be held from July 15 till July 17, and they will be preceded by tutorials on July 14.

The ISIPTA meetings are one of the primary international forums to present and discuss new results on the theory and applications of imprecise probabilities. Imprecise probability has a wide scope, being a generic term for the many mathematical or statistical models which measure chance or uncertainty without sharp numerical probabilities. These models include belief functions, Choquet capacities, comparative probability orderings, convex sets of probability measures, fuzzy measures, interval-valued probabilities, possibility measures, plausibility measures, and upper and lower expectations or previsions. Imprecise probability models are needed in inference problems where the relevant information is scarce, vague or conflicting, and in decision problems where preferences may also be incomplete.

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