3rd International Symposium on
Imprecise Probabilities and Their Applications


University of Lugano
Lugano, Switzerland
14-17 July 2003


Conference proceedings book (pdf).


Maximum of Entropy in Credal Classification
Joaquín Abellán, Serafín Moral

Bayesian Robustness with Quantile Loss Functions
José Pablo Arias, Javier Hernández, Jacinto Martín, Alfonso Suarez-Llorens

On the Suboptimality of the Generalized Bayes Rule and Robust Bayesian Procedures from the Decision Theoretic Point of View --- a Cautionary Note on Updating Imprecise Priors
Thomas Augustin

Analysis of Local or Asymmetric Dependencies in Contingency Tables using the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Jean-Marc Bernard

Some results on generalized coherence of conditional probability bounds
Veronica Biazzo, Angelo Gilio, Giuseppe Sanfilippo

The Maximal Variation of Fuzzy Interval
Andrew Bronevich

Inter-personal communication of precise and imprecise subjective probabilities
David V. Budescu , Tzur Karelitz

Relevance of Qualitative Constraints in Diagnostic Processes
Andrea Capotorti

Expected Utility with Multiple Priors
Erio Castagnoli, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci

Combining Belief Functions Issued from Dependent Sources
Marco Cattaneo

Nonparametric predictive comparison of two groups of lifetime data
Frank Coolen, Ke-Jian Yan

Dynamic Programming for Discrete-Time Systems with Uncertain Gain
Gert de Cooman, Matthias Troffaes

Computing lower expectations with Kuznetsov's independence condition
Fabio Cozman

Geometry of upper probabilities
Fabio Cuzzolin

The DecideIT Decision Tool
Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg, Jim Johansson, Aron Larsson

Convenient interactive computing for coherent imprecise prevision assessment
James M. Dickey

Independence with Respect to Upper and Lower Conditional Probabilities Assigned by Hausdorff Outer and Inner Measures
Serena Doria

Towards a Chaotic Probability Model for Frequentist Probability: The Univariate Case
Pablo Ignacio Fierens, Terrence Fine

Bounding the risk of lung cancer attributed to other environmental pollutants
Minh Ha Duong

Robust Estimators under the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Marcus Hutter

How to deal with incomplete acts? A proposal
Jean-Yves Jaffray, Meglena Jeleva

On approximating multidimensional probability distributions by compositional models
Radim Jirousek

An Update on Generalized Information Theory
George J. Klir

Reducing Uncertainty by Imprecise Judgements on Probability Distributions: Application to System Reliability
Igor Kozine, Victor Krymsky

Climate projections for the 21st century using random sets
Elmar Kriegler, Hermann Held

Exploring a Collection of Priors Arising from an Imprecise Probability Assessment Based on Linear Constraints
Radu Lazar, Glen Meeden

Continuous Linear Representation of Coherent Lower Previsions
Sebastian Maass

Study of the probabilistic information of a random set
Enrique Miranda, Inés Couso, Pedro Gil

An Extended Set-valued Kalman Filter
Darryl Morrell, Wynn Stirling

The Shape of Incomplete Preferences
Robert Nau

Convex imprecise previsions: basic issues and applications
Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig

Reliability analysis in geotechnics with finite elements - comparison of probabilistic, stochastic and fuzzy set methods
Gerd Peschl, H.F. Schweiger

Game-Theoretic Learning Using the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Erik Quaeghebeur, Gert de Cooman

A Sensitivity Analysis for the Pricing of Call Options in a Binary Tree Model
Huguette Reynaerts, Michèle Vanmaele

Inference in Credal Networks with Branch-and-Bound Algorithms
Jose Rocha, Fabio Cozman

Extensions of Expected Utility Theory and some Limitations of Pairwise Comparisons
Mark Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, Joseph Kadane, Isaac Levi

Subjective Probability and Lower and Upper Prevision: A New Understanding
Glenn Shafer, Peter Gillett, Richard Scherl

Products of Capacities Derived from Additive Measures (Extended abstract)
Damjan Škulj

A Second-Order Uncertainty Model of Independent Random Variables: An Example of the Stress-Strength Reliability
Lev Utkin

Decision Making with Imprecise Second-Order Probabilities
Lev Utkin, Thomas Augustin

Graphical representation of asymmetric graphoid structures
Barbara Vantaggi

Design of Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure for Possibility Distributions
Jirina Vejnarova

Bi-elastic Neighbourhood Models
Anton Wallner

On the symbiosis of two concepts of conditional interval probability
Kurt Weichselberger, Thomas Augustin